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Catit Groovy Fish Interactive Cat Toy with Catnip ( pink)

Catit Groovy Fish Interactive Cat Toy with Catnip ( pink)

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The Catit Groovy Fish is a motion-activated catnip toy with 3 lifelike movement modes for cat-friendly playtime.

Despite its cute appearance, this toy is a real lean dancing machine with USB rechargeable battery


Dancing toy fish that keeps on grooving

for long-lasting fun

The Catit Groovy Fish has a high-quality padded soft cover made from cat-friendly materials. As playtime might get wild, the motor is protected by a tough casing that absorbs impacts and helps extend the toy’s lifetime. The battery is USB rechargeable for long-lasting fun.


  • Cute and cuddly toy fish to entertain your cat
  • 3 movement modes to trigger cat’s hunting instinct
  • Sensitive paw-activated motion sensor
  • High-quality fabric cover
  • USB-rechargeable battery
  • Durable motor casing
  • Includes USB cable and 2 catnip bags


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