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Power Ulra 21 to 40kg

Power Ulra 21 to 40kg

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External antiparasitic against lice, fleas and ticks for dogs.

POWER ULTRA FORTE spot-on is a non-toxic flea-killing, tick-killing, lice-killing and acaricide (Otodectes Cynotis) formulation, with turning and residual power for very practical application in canines. Repellent of ticks, ear tip flies, flies and mosquitoes

Dosage and method of use

The product is for external use. Apply the entire content along the neck, between the nape of the neck and the beginning of the back, separating the hair and resting the pipette on the skin. It is recommended to apply the product with the animal standing. The coat must be dry. Avoid contact with the animal's eyes and mouth

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