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Speedy pet intelligeance toy

Speedy pet intelligeance toy

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Speedy Pet Dog & Cat Toy Puzzles Slow Feeder – Ideopet Treat Interactive Dispensing Treat Dispensing Toys – Stress Relief IQ Training in Smart Feeding with Adjustable Height for Small/Medium Dogs


  • non-toxic ABS durable plastic ★ Environmentally friendly ★ Easy to clean
  • 🐱 FUN and INTERACTIVE ★ Made to stimilate your pet’s mind ★ Promotes curiosity and excitement ★ Makes meal time a game!
  • 🎓 GREAT IQ TRAINER ★ Pets learn and adapt ★ Food drops into our carefully designed slow feeder ★ Slow feeder designed with varying size heights, gaps and walls ★ Requires pets to maneuver the food stimulating their curiosity ★ Makes food a great reward!
  • 🍎 PROMOTES A HEALTHY DIET ★ Eating slow lowers the risk of indigestion ★ vomiting ★ choking ★ bloating
  • 📏 DIMENSIONS ★ Length: 9.5” Width: 12.5” Height 7”-10.5” (Adjustable) ★ Perfect for small/medium dogs and cats ★ Height is easily adjustable with a hand tight screw
  • Weight 958g
  • Available in bleu color
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